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Feliz Natal e um Super 2015!

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Explore 15 Countries in 15 Minutes with EarthCam’s Top 25 Webcams

WHAT: EarthCam revealed its “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2014!” For unforgettable experiences, travel to and…
Blast off 268 miles into spaceDefy gravity with an indoor skydiving webcamEnjoy a sunset over the Bernese Alps in AustriaSpend the day in Dillie the house deer’s bedroom EarthCam also created broadcast ready b roll footage with live video from 12 of the 25 cameras, which is available to download. The 2-minute movie lets you swim with jellyfish, explore Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and spend some time with giant pandas.
WHY: Led by Pee-wee Herman, this year’s judging panel chose the Top 25 from over 3,000 cameras around the world. It includes something for everyone – five animals, three beaches, two construction sites and one Czech pizza kitchen!
HOW: See the entire list of winning webcams at Download broadcast ready HD b-roll at
On-air cr…