Jonathan Bluestein's Research of Martial Arts

I got a copy from Jonathan Bluestein of his book "Research of Martial Arts" (2014). It is evident that
a lot of personal and serious dedication and time were spent into this publishing. He shares a lot of knowledge and details in every page.

I am a Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) teacher of Chen Style (Grand-Master Chen Zheng Lei, Grand-Master Wang Hai Jun and ShiFu Niall O"Floin's Lineage) in the City of Curitiba in south of Brazil. I believe, students will probably enjoy the book last section named “The Wisdom of Martial Spirits: Teacher, and the Things they Hold Dear”. It presents interviews with martial art masters, including a Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) one.

I enjoyed a lot reading this book. He gives us a lot to think about. And this is great.

This book with 418 pages is a relevant contribution to the martial arts literature. I recommend it to all my martial arts mates. Great work, indeed!

Levis Litz

Jonathan Bluestein - Author 
Levis Litz - Reader

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